Past Sold Items

Nightmare On Elm Street 1 Comic Book Signed By Robert Englund
Machete Figure Signed By Danny Trejo
Star Wars Black Series Darth Maul Figure Signed By Ray Park
Star Wars ROTS Shaak Ti figure Signed By Orli Shoshan
The Crow Portfolio Signed By James O’Barr
Star Wars Celebration 3 Darth Vader Figure Signed By David Prowse
Resident Evil Virus Kit Signed By Michelle Rodriguez







Star Wars Lando Figure Signed By Billy Dee Williams


Batman Arkham Asylum Figure Signed By Kevin Conroy
Green Power Ranger Figure Signed By Jason David Frank
Star Wars AOTC Zam Wesell Figure Signed By Leeanna Walsman
Star Wars Episode 1 Anakin Pod Racing Helmet Signed By Jake Lloyd
Reservoir Dogs Figure Signed By Michael Madsen


Star Wars Darth Vader Figure Signed By David Prowse
Draco Malfoy Wand Signed By Tom Felton
Star Wars ROTS Barriss Offee Figure Signed By Nalini Krishan
Star Wars POTF Bikini Leia Signed By Carrie Fisher
BTTF DeLorean Signed By Christopher Lloyd
The Crow Sketch Book Signed By James O’Barr
Star Wars Unleashed Princess Leia Bikini Figure Signed By Carrie Fisher
Walkinf Dead Michonne Figure Signed By Danai Gurira
Boba Fett Figure Signed By Jeremy Bulloch
Superman Last Son Ursa Figure Signed By Sarah Douglas
1966 Batmobile Signed By Adam West



Freddy Face Signed By Robert Englund
Batarang Signed By Mark Hamill/ Kevin Conroy
Palpatine Cane Signed By Ian Mcdiarmid
Freddy Vs Jason Mask/Glove signed by Robert Englund/ Ken Kirzinger
Hellboy Figure Signed By Ron Pearlman
Hellboy Arm Signed By Ron Pearlman
Nightmare Glove Signed By Robert Englund
Batman Poster Signed By Jim Lee
Batman Poster Signed By Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo
Chucky Signed By Brad Dourif
Lightsaber Signed By Mark Hamill
Nightmare 4 Poster Signed By Robert Englund
Nightmare CGC Signed By Robert Englund